Friday, March 25, 2011

We have food!

Our shipping has been delayed but luckily it's NOT because of any back orders.

Here is the official letter from corporate explaining our delays.

"Will you please let your customer know that we typically keep a 2-3 month supply of food at all times (unless there are items that are more difficult to get, resulting in back orders). We do not anticipate any food shortages. The backup with shipping is solely due to the very high amount of orders we have been receiving. We are shipping as fast as possible, but it is taking about a week for orders to go out.
Shelf Reliance is working 24 hours/day to fill the recent demand of food orders. Even Fed Ex can't keep up with us. We thank you for your patience with this matter and we hope to catch up real soon. In April we should be moving to our new facility which will be able to handle the huge increase in production along with being able to freeze-dry our own foods on site with great quality control."

We are so proud of our new facility and the future of Shelf Reliance.
As always, our customers come FIRST!

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